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A Study in Color: Whites

Color has been a very large part of my whole career. As an artist it is important to have a sense of what colors are composed of, how light affects them, and how best to put them together. With this new blog series, I want to explore color and how to use it in perhaps ways you hadn’t thought of before. Perhaps you will begin to think about color a bit differently, or at least experiment with it in your own creative endeavors. I want to start off are starting off with the basic, the beginning: white. White is technically a pigment (not a color per se) and most of us know that when white is combined with any color it makes that color lighter. We can’t dye anything white, but we can manipulate

From Our Hands Creative 2019 Retreat

Sometimes we just need a little time away to rejuvenate our creativity. A few ingredients for a good creative retreat are inspiring places, motivating activities, and encouraging people. It’s these ideas which Lori Ann Corelis and I have put together into From Our Hands Creative, a retreat that featuring several kinds of stitching and rug hooking classes. Beginning April 22 and running through April 25, those who join us will have times to take four-hour or 8-hour classes, stitch as they please, take mini classes in the evening, shop for new supplies and finished goods, eat good food, and maybe even explore the town of Granville, Ohio. There is still room to register for this event if you wa


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