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Exploring Folk Art with Wool: An Interview with collaborator Kathy Wright

Rebekah and I have been so thrilled to share our new book, Exploring Folk Art with Wool Appliqué & More, with you. To give you some extra insight into the book, we want to introduce our collaborators to you. We started off by introducing you to our friend Lori Ann Corelis in this post last time. Today, get to know our friend Kathy Wright, a long-time family friend. She helped us with two projects: Pinwheel Posy (the yarn-sewn pillow) and A Garden Patchwork (the center quilt). Let’s take some time to get to know a little more about her today! How did you get into quilting and yarn sewing? “I started with what I call my 30-year quilt. When I was 12, my mom got me a cross stitch embroidery quil


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