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A Look at the Welcome Banner

I recently released a new line of patterns. One of these patterns is the Welcome Banner, a wool appliqué pattern on a linen background. Though I am most frequently inspired by classic American folk art, I draw inspiration from many sources. The Victorian era was full of fascinating crafts, many mass-produced. One such craft was the paper punched pattern, a piece of paper filled with holes that had a pattern you could stitch on, usually words or mottos. Photo courtesy of Mary Corbet, Needle 'n Thread: When you go antiquing enough, you will see things like these around. And while they were a mass-produced craft, I

Patterns Reworked: Yarn Sewing Edition

This week Kelsey is showing you how to transform two of my wool applique patterns into designs for yarn sewing. The final result is still folky, but it creates a different look that seems so old. Enjoy! Yarn sewing is an old technique—it’s said to have come before rug hooking, and it’s a rare technique even in our material history. There are a few examples at Old Sturbridge Village, which is where our friend Kathy Wright learned how to do it in a class there. She was hooked after that, and has made plenty of her own pieces. She lent us her expertise for our book, Exploring Folk Art with Wool Applique and More. As someone who loves hand-stitching, especially embroidery, I was very intrigued b


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