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Rebekah grew up surrounded by people who loved and lived amongst antiques—celebrating the simple lines and bold colors of early American folk art. Her degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh did not satisfy her need to work with her hands, so she was challenged by her mother to paint a cupboard in the Rufus Porter style. Ever since, Rebekah has celebrated her affinity for old surfaces and textures, moving from the world of painting into the world of wool and other textiles.


Currently, wool consumes her time—she designs and creates wool applique from her own hand-dyed wool using both natural and commercial dyes. Having published three books, she also teaches workshops across the country. Currently, Rebekah works out of her studio, a small cottage behind the 1838 house she and her husband are restoring in the Western Reserve of Ohio. Find her patterns in shops across the country and online, and shop her own unique products in the online store. 

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