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frequently asked questions

techniques & supplies 

What are the numbers for the colors of thread you use?

I use two strands of DMC #841, #869, and #3371 to stitch all my projects.

Where can I buy wool to make your projects?

You can read about this on my blog here.

Where can I buy your individual patterns?

I maintain a list of vendors who have purchased patterns from us here. I cannot guarantee they will have them, but many of them keep a stock of my patterns. There are other shops besides this list who carry our patterns as they buy through other wholesale companies. If your local quilt or wool shop does not currently carry my patterns but would like to, have them fill out the form here.

Can you make a kit for one of your projects for me?

At this time I do not take custom kit orders. You can find what kits I have available currently in my online store here.

I can’t find a pattern for this piece I found on social media. Is this something you have available?

Check these places first:

You can see all of the regular patterns I have available here.

You can see all of the digital patterns I have available here.

See my publications page for information about the books and articles my patterns have been published in here.

If you cannot find the piece in one of those places, then it is not available as a pattern. When I began stitching, I made only finished work, and many of those pictures are still around. You can read more about this on the blog here.


Can I buy a kit or pattern of one of your class projects since I can’t come to your class? 

Class projects remain exclusive to class—you must take the class in order to receive the kit and pattern. I use it as a way to test the instructions for more complex projects. Some class projects end up becoming patterns, but only after they are retired from my teaching lineup.

If I am taking a class with you, can I buy one of the other class project kits?

Please see answer above. 

Can you come to (your home state/country) to teach?

My travel schedule is based on where I am invited. If you have a local shop, guild, or group of people who would like to host me, they can find out more here.

Can you put your classes online for those who can’t come to class?

Right now I do not have an easy way of doing that. I am currently running my own online Sewing Circle with exclusive projects that come with instructions and video stitching tips. You can learn more about that here.

online store 

I don’t have PayPal—can I pay another way?

You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to purchase items from my online store. PayPal will also process a credit card without you having to log in to an account.

I don’t want to pay with credit card. Can I pay another way?

I only accept payments with credit card for my online store at this time.

Can I buy a paper version of the downloadable patterns?

The digital patterns are downloads only at this time.

I am having trouble with your website.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, please try using a different one. Our web software no longer supports it. Sometimes (but not always) iPads also experience trouble with our website, so try using a different device.

I haven’t received my links for the downloadable patterns I purchased.

Please make sure to check your spam. If you have a site account, you can also log in to download your pattern. If you still cannot find your download, contact Kelsey here and she will resend the links for you.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact me here. 

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