booking a workshop

Want to host a workshop taught by Rebekah? What you need to know:

  • Class Cost: I have been asked frequently to do low-cost projects for classes. The minimum cost per student for a class (teaching fee and kit) is $95. I am unable to offer classes at any lower price based on material prices. This is negotiable with guilds who want to pay the teaching fee separately.

  • Class Size: The maximum number of students per class time I allow is 25. Any more than that and it becomes difficult to get the help students need. The minimum number of students I require to teach a class is 12.

  • Travel: My travel expenses include airfare and/or mileage as well as lodging.

  • Advanced Booking: I am now fully booked through 2020 and I have a few spaces left in 2021. Please note that I do not teach any Sunday classes.

class requirements 

What I provide: 

  • Supplies: patterns, instructions, photos, freezer paper, wool/materials and thread. 

What host must provide: 

  • Adequate space and tables. I require one table for myself, two tables for ironing, and enough tables for the students with adequate room to work. 

  • Registration: The host is responsible for collecting student information, including name, address, phone number and email. I prefer to handle all my communication with students through email, but anyone who does not have an email I can call. This list must be completed and sent to me a month in advance for projects that have pre-work, and a week in advance for projects without. 

What students must provide: 

  • Scissors (paper and fabric)

  • Needles (I use Chenille #24, but they can use what they like. I bring needles available for purchase.)

  • Pins

  • Pencils 

Interested in getting on the waiting list? Please click fill out the form below completely. 


Based on my travel schedule, please give me one week to respond to your request. If you do not hear back after a week, feel free to nudge me! 

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