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Free Valentine's Day Project

I love designing around Valentine's day. Not because any particular affinity for the holiday itself, but my enjoyment of this time of year is the use of the heart motif. Folk art is known for prevalent use of hearts, and it is one of my personal favorite motifs to use in my work. Hearts have long been used to symbolize love, friendship, compassion. For Valentine's Day this year, I wanted to make a new free pattern for you all to make. I thought this pocket would be a good way to let someone know that they have meaning in your life. With just a few cuts with the scissors and a quick stitch, you can have something beautiful to share. I made it free so that I can encourage you to make one for a

Inspired by Antiques: Notions & Tea

Today in the workroom, Kelsey and I invite you to sit down to a whimsical wooly tea and chat about objects from the past. In conjunction with my work, I find my inspiration in many items from the past. Having parents who collect antiques exposed me to the possibilities at a young age, though I did not learn to appreciate these things until I was older. Kelsey and I continue to spend a great deal of time digging through the treasure chests of antique shops. We are always on the lookout for some very particular items, but open to the possibilities. Kelsey is hunting for the perfect pieces to accompany photographs. As she sets up and takes most of my photos, she has learned to look for vintage


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