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Patterns Re-Worked

Along the way as I travel to teach and vend at various textile events, I have noticed a pattern among those I meet. Nearly every person works in more than one kind of medium. Very rarely do I meet someone who only does wool appliqué in their spare time—it’s nearly always coupled with a penchant for quilting, rug hooking, embroidery, punch needle, and other kinds of creative activities. I always love to ask people how they found my designs and how they got into wool applique. Though it’s not true of everyone, so many were doing some other kind of handwork and found appliqué through friends who did the same. “You’ve got to try this!” their friends said. A pattern or a class later, and they’re

A Glimpse into the Sewing Books

Antiques are so often a source of inspiration for me, as many of you who follow me know. They are a treasure trove of ingenuity and creativity. Not surprisingly, some of my latest patterns come from ideas of old with my own interpretive take. This week I want to share some of the inspiration behind the Sewing Book & Needle Book Set patterns. An antique keepsake album I saw along my travels inspired the Sewing Book and Needle Book designs. This particular album had a binding made from scrap fabric sewn together, and it held heavy paper covers around a set of pages filled with memories. I liked the idea of using fabric as a binding and of using scraps. While I don’t always use scraps when I ma


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