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On Staging & Shooting

A look behind the book’s scenic photos Photography day for Rebekah’s books is always one I look forward to. I have been at each one since the first book, and though the day is long, it is fun. You have to stay flexible and get creative, all in the name of creating a story for each beautiful piece. I always hope to help give a sense of purpose for each project while also adding a touch of whimsy and delight. We call setting up the photo “staging.” We set the scene, much like the stage of a play, but share it with a still image. This process would not nearly be as fun without the help of our talented photographer, Laura, who has taken photos for all three books. Her sense of light, patience, a

Summer Blooms

As my mom, Rebekah, and I sat in our open air office (otherwise known as her backyard), we were brainstorming. I made the observation that many of her floral design inspirations come from summer flowers. Sunflowers, goldenrod, thistles, black-eyed Susans, zinnias...and the list goes on. While neither of us are fond of the heat and humidity Great Lakes summers bring, we are always delighted by the flowers which adorn this season of the year. So full of color, these flowers, and how they fill the midwestern fields and gardens amongst which we tread. As always, Rebekah takes inspiration and puts her own folk art twist on it. Let's take a look at some of the designs inspired by summer blooms. Su

Exploring Folk Art with Wool: Interview with collaborator Lori Ann Corelis

Rebekah and my book is out, and many of you have it in your hands! As you begin to look through it and get acquainted with Rebekah and my friends, we thought we would give you a little in-depth look at each collaborator and their work. We love our wool friends! And we love wool techniques that can be friends, too. Today, get to know our friend Lori Ann Corelis, with whom Rebekah hosts From Our Hands & Hearts. Lori Ann provided the design and instructions for the dimensional wool bluebird featured in the chapter entitled "Nesting." This little pincushion is a great intro into dimensional wool techniques. Along with it, you can make the coordinating wool appliqué bluebird pillow. We are thrill


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