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Rebekah's House: An Autumn Tour

The light is fading quickly these days, but there is a warmth in autumn which is matched by no other season. Not a physical warmth, for we have begun to put on our sweaters and layer up to brave the coming chill, but more like a warming of the heart. How can one not be thrilled to the core when she sees the beautiful colors painted across the landscape? I find so much inspiration in this season, and it is not lost on my home.

The colors autumn summons are some of my very favorites. The warm golden hues, deep reds, burnt oranges, dark greens and all shades of brown. It's a great time of year to show off my collection of brown transferware. I enjoy scattering the outdoors inside all around the house. You'll find dried corn, pumpkins, mums and other natural elements tucked in corners to bring in the harvest. My daughters and I love to go to the local pumpkin patch together to find a little bit of harvest to bring inside. We also enjoy an apple cider doughnut from the local orchard at this time of year, along with cider, fresh pumpkin and squash, and all the delicious fruits of the season.

One of my very favorite things about autumn is Thanksgiving. It is a family favorite, for certain. We find much joy in opening up our home and inviting people in for food and fellowship.

Recently, however, I had a chance to practice hospitality in a slightly different way. My husband, my youngest daughter and I participated in a church activity our pastor has dubbed "Dinner for Eight." Folks volunteer to be host homes, and then are randomly assigned enough people to make a total of eight for dinner. It's a delightful way to get to know people and spend an evening in fellowship. We had the chance to grow more deeply with some we already knew and make new friends in the process. I made two kinds of lasagna, and guest brought an assortment of delicious foods to accompany the meal. Nights like these often leave a lingering taste of heaven behind—for what an even more joyous fellowship we shall have there!

I hope you continue to enjoy the colors and harvest warmth that autumn brings. What autumn traditions do you have? Share in the comments below!

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