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Exploring Folk Art with Wool: An Interview with Kelsey Anilee Smith

As many of you know, my third book is about to come out. Many of you have already pre-ordered it from me, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to get it into your hands. To satiate your curiosity about the book, I am doing little mini-interviews with each of the book's collaborators. I share in the book about how I met each one and about our friendship, but I want to give you a taste for each collaborator's work individually. We'll start with someone many of you know, because she works for me, is my co-author, and she's my daughter! Let's take a peek at Kelsey's work today. 1. How did you get into embroidery? How long have you been doing this? "I was a no-sew kind of girl for a long time—m

Sweet Summer Harvest

Each season has its own special characteristics. Though summer may not be my favorite season, it still holds many recurring delights. The fruits of summer are one part of summer I always look forward to. We are blessed with several orchards where we live, and at this time of year the berry patches and fruit trees are filled with delicious edibles. My family loves fruit on its own for the most part, but we do love making a good pie, crumble, brown betty and other fruity desserts. They are homey desserts that showcase the freshness of the fruit. It’s really a summer favorite! This month’s Stitching Smalls were inspired by my love for a good pint of summer fruits. These little projects have bec


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