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From Our Hands & Hearts

It's that time of year again... for me, that means show time! From Our Hands & Hearts, a folk art and fine antiques show, will be held at the Boston Township Hall in Peninsula, Ohio on November 9th, 2019. I wanted to show you a glimpse into the atmosphere of the show by sharing some pictures from the past years. Every corner of each room is packed with delights. We decorate the already beautiful building for Christmas, so greenery and lights create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere. Folk art fills the space in many forms, including furniture, redware, figures, textiles, ink, and more. We want to share handmade items meant to last and be passed on. Alongside the newly made items, find collecte

Rebekah's House: An Autumn Tour

The light is fading quickly these days, but there is a warmth in autumn which is matched by no other season. Not a physical warmth, for we have begun to put on our sweaters and layer up to brave the coming chill, but more like a warming of the heart. How can one not be thrilled to the core when she sees the beautiful colors painted across the landscape? I find so much inspiration in this season, and it is not lost on my home. The colors autumn summons are some of my very favorites. The warm golden hues, deep reds, burnt oranges, dark greens and all shades of brown. It's a great time of year to show off my collection of brown transferware. I enjoy scattering the outdoors inside all around the

Exploring Folk Art With Wool: An Interview with Donna Bennett

Rebekah and I hope you have been enjoying our new book, Exploring Folk Art with Wool Appliqué & More, with you. We have been introducing you to our collaborators on the blog, and giving you a little extra insight into their work. So far you’ve met Lori Ann Corelis and Kathy Wright. Today I’m going to introduce you to our friend Donna Bennett of Crows on the Ledge Wool Studio behind her home in Thompson, Ohio. I sat out on Donna’s beautiful screened-in porch at her shop and we chatted about how she got into this, what inspires her, and what tips she has for rug hooking. She hooked the ottoman top for Heartfelt. So take a moment or two to sit with us and get some insight into Donna’s work! How


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