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From Our Hands Creative 2019 Retreat

Sometimes we just need a little time away to rejuvenate our creativity. A few ingredients for a good creative retreat are inspiring places, motivating activities, and encouraging people. It’s these ideas which Lori Ann Corelis and I have put together into From Our Hands Creative, a retreat that featuring several kinds of stitching and rug hooking classes. Beginning April 22 and running through April 25, those who join us will have times to take four-hour or 8-hour classes, stitch as they please, take mini classes in the evening, shop for new supplies and finished goods, eat good food, and maybe even explore the town of Granville, Ohio. There is still room to register for this event if you want to come for the full 4 days. Monday February 11 begins registration for a single day. You can find out more of those details at

Inspiring Places

Nothing is more exciting to me than stitching in a historic place. When we first began From Our Hands, we hosted the event in several different historic buildings. The atmosphere it creates for those of us whose designs are inspired by the past is unbeatable. The picture below is the room that I will be teaching in. I am thrilled to be sharing this space with you! Not only that, but each guest room is different, and part of one of the several old houses that make up the Buxton. You can see more pictures of the Buxton Inn at their website:

This charming inn sits in an equally charming town. Just a walk around the block will afford views of historic homes, beautiful gardens, and some neat little shops & restaurants. It’s a lovely atmosphere all around.

Motivating Activities

When you are looking for a retreat, you want exciting projects. Something to add a bright spot to your home or give as a charming gift to a friend. The projects I designed for this year are new, and some of them I’m not teaching anywhere else!

My personal favorite is this Welcome Banner. Inspired by the Victorian needlepoint samplers of old, this wool appliqué version will look great above any door or fireplace.

Choose from 4 different background linens: blue, chocolate brown, black, and natural. I included pictures below so you can see the different wool combinations that go with each background color. It’s a project that will fit in any home. You’ll learn how to line up and stitch the appliqué lettering and how to layer your branches and leaves. Finish it off with this hand-dyed trim for a unique way to welcome guests to your home.

The Bell Pull is another uniquely-shaped project. Those taking this class will be stitching on a beautiful velvet. I was inspired by the antique tapestry-style bell pulls which hung in homes and were used to ring the bell for servants. My style is not as formal as these usually were, and so to make it more country I went with the flowers and moths. Think of it as an evening scene, with moths dancing through the dark amongst the flowers closed for the night. The great thing about this shape is that you can tuck in anywhere: next to a window, in an awkward corner, or even on a cupboard.

The Sungold Sewing Caddy is one that many people have asked about. Originally made as a finished piece and sold, the picture made its way around Pinterest, and I had many people inquire about it. So I reworked it, tried a new colorway, and now will be teaching as a class. It’s a great beginner piece, but looks as exciting as a more advanced project.

Your time will not only be filled with classes (you can see what else we’re offering on the From Our Hands website) but also with some down-time. There will always be an open room for stitching, and in the evenings all the rooms will be open to stitch and chat. Those who are more adventurous might even take a mini class offered in the evening. Kelsey and Donna Bennett will each be teaching some, and those projects will be posted soon.

Encouraging People

What is great about this retreat for me is that I get to know people. So often I teach a class, I see my students for only a day, and while we have great fun and enjoy ourselves, we never have enough time to just chat! With the open stitching in the evening, you can get to know your teachers as well as other students. It’s always amazing to see what everyone is working on. Don’t be surprised if I ask to see other things you are working on, and once you pull it out, the show and tell begins. It’s hard to leave the retreat without a new friend or two!

I hope you’ll consider joining us for this exciting event. For more information, go to If you have any questions, please email .

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