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Free Valentine's Day Project

I love designing around Valentine's day. Not because any particular affinity for the holiday itself, but my enjoyment of this time of year is the use of the heart motif. Folk art is known for prevalent use of hearts, and it is one of my personal favorite motifs to use in my work. Hearts have long been used to symbolize love, friendship, compassion.

For Valentine's Day this year, I wanted to make a new free pattern for you all to make. I thought this pocket would be a good way to let someone know that they have meaning in your life. With just a few cuts with the scissors and a quick stitch, you can have something beautiful to share. I made it free so that I can encourage you to make one for a friend. Fill it with candy, flowers, little notes, or a myriad of notions that a friend might love.

You can raid your stash for beautiful fabrics to create this project, or look for a kit which will include a piece of crewel (may vary from the photo above) in my online store for a limited time.

Find the link to download this pattern for free here.

Feel free to share what you make with it by using #rebekahlsmith on social media or by sending us a picture to

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