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Happy Statehood Day

Here we are at March 2 which is Ohio’s day to commemorate its statehood. Established in 1803, the state of Ohio has become my adopted home for these past 25 years.

We live in what is called the Western Reserve which, in short, means that this land was offered to those who lost farms in the Revolutionary War, and came west to settle new country.

We are blessed to have historic towns scattered throughout this part of the state with early architecture. This area is also home to wonderful rolling hills and deep river gorges which allows for great hiking and beautiful scenery. As many of you know, my husband and I own a historic house built in 1838 which we are continually working to preserve. It is a lot of work, but has been a unique experience for all of us.

A local park, North Chagrin Reservation, offers lush views down the the steep ravines carved out by rivers.

One of our favorite local towns: historic Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

For the past several years I have commemorated this day by offering a free pattern for a piece that was inspired by the State of Ohio. This year’s offering is a Wooly Flag Pouch. Though the pouch itself is made of linen and cotton, the appliquéd stars are wool. Included with the pattern is a brief tutorial on making the bag, and a print out for the flag of Ohio should you have a personal connection to this great state.

Though you may not be an Ohioan yourself, you can use this bag with American flags or anything you can think of! This bag could make a great purse or pocket for anything you can think of. As always, I hope you look around for what inspires your creativity, and enjoy this little project!

Click here to go to the free downloads page!

For those of you who visit or live here, what do you love about Ohio?

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