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Another Statehood Day is here again in the great state of Ohio! I have made it a tradition each year to offer a wool applique project that commemorates the day. This year I am sharing my diminutive version of the Ohio Flag. Although, not technically a flag, it is an iconic symbol of our state and I enjoy seeing it wave in the wind or hanging like a banner. According to the design is called a swallowtail (which appeals to the bird lover in me) and the topography of the state is represented by the triangles & stripes. Although there are supposed to be 17 stars (Ohio is the 17th State) I was only able to fit a few. So, all of you Ohioans (or those of you who share a love of our state) enjoy this project! Maybe I will see you here sometime this year!!! Copy & Paste this address to get to the pattern.

This larger version of the Ohio flag is simply two pieces of cotton sewn together and the edges fringed. The wool applique is added before sewing the two background pieces together. I do not have a pattern for this one, but these are simple shapes.

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