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Spring's Inspiration: Musings & a Free Pattern

At this time of the year, I like to watch the yard for evidence that Spring is starting to make an appearance. I see the delicate nodding heads of the snow drops along with the blue carpet of scilla spreading in my backyard. My tiny daffodils are opening, and the forsythia is about to burst.

My inspiration often runs to flowers, but especially now. Their variety of shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and whether simple or complex, there is so much to be gained by studying these masterful creations. Incorporated into so much of my work are representations of many varieties of florals and vegetation.

I study not only the flower but the leaf, stem, and positions of each plant. There is much to be gained from the observation of these beauties, and interpreting them in wool is an enjoyable pastime.

In light of all this inspiration around us, we are offering a free pattern for the spring. This little wooly is called “On the Windowsill” It can be attached to a small tote as seen here or added to another article, box, or pincushion. The downloadable pattern can be found on our website We are also offering for sale limited edition kits of this project which include the bag, wool and trim. These also can be found in our store. Happy spring!


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