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Setting A Christmas Table

There's nothing we Smith ladies love more than setting a special table. You might know that if you have followed my blog awhile. At least once a year we post a table setting of some kind. Part of it stems from our desire to make people feel welcomed and loved. One way to do that is to provide a festive table.

Kelsey and I were inspired by the poinsettia pincushion kit I created for From Our Hands From Home. Once we realized we could get these delightful wire pick placecard holders, we realized that this project, being so simple, we thought, would make a great element to a table setting!

You'll see other Christmas Workroom items scattered through the table setting as well. We made cotton fabric napkin rings (just simple hemmed rectangles finished with snaps or buttons for the back. It does not take much fabric at all!). The blockprint-design notepad became a gorgeous menu and accent for each place setting. And some of the cotton became a ribbon for the greenery. I chose these fabrics to coordinate, and so they worked quite well together on a table. You could emphasize more of the black fabrics if you like, or keep it red like we did.

This year our Christmas dinners might look a little smaller. But maybe that, too, can be a gift. You can still go all out, use the fancy dishes, cloth napkins, and cook something special. Just using little name cards makes things a little more festive, and reminds each person that they have a place at your table.

See the website for the downloadable pattern for the placecard holders (which can be used with any napkin ring) and for kits of these with Rebekah's wool, the wooden napkin rings, and the wire picks, along with the remaining Christmas Workroom items.

We hope that you have a delightful Christmas wherever you are and despite the craziness of this year. Our joy is in knowing we have a seat at the Lord's table, and we hope that you may come to know that hope and peace yourself this year. Merry Christmas!


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