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Patterns Reworked: Converting Wool Appliqué Box Tops

Wooly boxes have been a staple in Rebekah's designs. A favorite to design and stitch, she shared how to make them in workshops and in her second book. There are several digital download patterns for boxes as well.

Box top patterns have potential for more than just boxes. Our main supplier of the paper mache boxes we used for these projects and used to carry on the website no longer exists, unfortunately. There are other box options, but some of the sizes for the particular patterns Rebekah has designed no longer exist. That's why today we are going to look at other ways to finish these delightful designs!

Let's start with the Festive Box Wooly Box Set pattern, a digital download. This pattern includes three beautiful Christmas designs, meant to be used on a set of three boxes in graduated sizes. The "Merry" box top is designed for a 10" circle, the "Pears" for a 9" circle, and the "Bird" for an 8" circle. If you want to keep the pattern in a circle, consider trying it on a pillow, using fun trims to edge it and set it off the pillow fabric. This is a fun way to incorporate cottons and linens into the design, as you can see in the photo below. The Pears design (kit here) looks lovely on the Rusty Check Linen (available here) and trimmed with ricrac.

Wool appliqué pillow with pears in a compote on a bed.
Make your bed a little more festive for the season with a wool applique pillow!

A pillow is not your only option, however. Consider taking your appliqué with you and leaving off the round background. The "Merry" wreath makes a great motif for a simple handmade bag!

If you decide to keep the background of one of your box top patterns, try making it a square instead for a different look. Or sew it on to the ends of a table runner! There are so many possibilities, so keep thinking outside the box (pardon the pun)!

Another favorite Christmas wool appliqué pattern is the Stitching Smalls Christmas Box pattern. This pattern featured little 4" boxes that are also hard to find these days. However, this design is the perfect size for a cute little ornament.

Using the darling Green Cross Fabric from this year's Christmas Workroom collection, I made a little double-sided ornament with this design. The reverse appliqué part of this design is a fun way to show off holiday cottons and linens. The star piece I cut from the front (to make the show-through for the reverse appliqué) is the piece that I stitched to the back to make a little double-sided ornament. I filled it with wool scraps, stitched the two sides together, and then added some fun little beads and a crinkle ribbon hanger to finish it off in a festive way.

There are so many possibilities for these, and we hope that these few suggestions give you lots of ideas. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

~Kelsey A. Smith, Operations Manager for Rebekah L. Smith


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