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For Posterity: Rebekah's Tags

Today's musing is not long, but is perhaps of lasting value. Step into the workroom as we think about the life of our creative works after us.

Once I finish a piece, I almost always forget to label it. I suppose I am just in a hurry to move on to the next project, but I really should take the time to add some important information—for posterity. As someone with a life-long interest in history, I know the value of provenance. The story of the origins, ownership, and travel of a work of art only adds to its value and significance.

At the request of some of you, we recently designed labels and had them printed on fabric to be stitched, fused, or glued to the back of your own Rebekah L. Smith wooly designs. There’s a place to sign your name to the work you have done in creating a piece of artwork. We are happy to be offering these in our web store at

For all of your creative works, giving future descendants or collectors a clue to the artist is an important last step in finishing your project. We invite you all to sign your work!

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Can't wait for the 3rd Book! That's so exciting. Is there any chance you might carry your own line of wool one day? I love your colors and textures. I've not tried rug hooking yet, so I'm looking forward to trying something new. Congratulations on your new endeavors. You inspire so many of us!

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