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Finding Winter Motivation

A Book Review of Making Winter by Emma Mitchell


Every once in awhile I like to share what I am reading. It can be a relief to talk about somebody else and promote their work! I do not know this author personally, it is just a book I randomly picked up, but it has proved inspiring for me this season.

woman with crocheted fingerless gloves cutting out wool pieces. A pot of tea and a teacup sit close by, along with a strawberry pincushion. Photo by Joseph P. Montion.

Winter can be beautiful, but it has its downsides. More darkness than light, combined with a cold that settles down can make us want to stay under blankets all day. Sometimes it makes us ache, both physically and emotionally. Most of us have a little bit of a love-hate thing relationship with winter.

The week after Christmas I found myself in a local bookstore, browsing casually for something inspiring. Seeing as the gray of winter was here for awhile in Northeast Ohio, I hoped to discover something to enjoy during the upcoming dull days. That’s the magic of books, you see—their ability to transport you and perhaps help you see what’s around you just a little differently. A good book is a winter essential.

There on the shelves a little blue book stood out to me. I was intrigued by the title and was not disappointed by what I found between its covers. The book is filled with recipes, craft projects, and is beautifully staged and photographed. It is a celebration of winter and shows how we can enjoy it.

Mitchell encourages us to take walks and collect things to create with or by which we can be inspired. Dive into the pages to find nature-inspired projects, from crochet patterns to preserved branches. Or bake up a quick wintry dessert sure to warm and delight.

One of the projects that spoke to me was the Paper Leaf and Berry Bough. Its sweet simplicity lends itself to (no surprise) wool felt. I am currently working on a branch of my own, which I will post when I am finished. It is nice to do something that does not need edited and uploaded, it is just for my own enjoyment. I find it is important to keep those kinds of projects on hand when you create professionally, as it is easy to get burnt out on designing projects for patterns.

So, if you are looking for a little winter encouragement, cozy up with this warm little book! What do you like to do in winter to stay cozy and cheery?


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