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Layered Cotton Projects: Making a Cowl

Rebekah just started carrying an amazing fabric we call the layered cotton. I was inspired to make myself some wearable art out of this beautiful, soft cotton. It works in fall and into winter as a cowl, which is a super easy project to create with a half yard of this amazing fabric. All you need is a half yard of the layered cotton, a fat half of a flannel cotton, a sewing machine, needles, scissors, and some corresponding threads. If you want to make the pin, you’ll need some wool scraps in colors you like, felt, and a pin back.


Cut 1 piece of layered cotton to a rectangle that measures 33” by 11” (you can easily get this out of a 1/2 yard as we sell it on the site). I suggest cutting the layered cotton by hand, using the woven lines as a guide, so that you have a nice straight cut. I cut mine by folding in half and using a roller cutter, and it ended up kind of crooked, because the fabric slipped underneath.

Cut 1 piece of flannel or other soft fabric for the inside of the cowl. You could also use another piece of the layered cotton so it’s double-sided, I just wanted to save the special fabric for the front of this project.

Put the two pieces of fabrics with the right-sides together and pin securely. I sewed around the outside leaving part of one end open with a 1/2” seam allowance. I then sewed around again at a 1/4” seam allowance (from the outside edge) to secure the layered cotton—it likes to fray, so this was just a precaution.

Clip the corners and turn the cowl inside out. Do you have a big rectangle? Then you are right on track! Sew the open end shut (I use a ladder stitch for this, but you can use a discreet whip stitch as well). I then hand-quilted along some of the woven lines just to secure the front to the back and add a little extra texture.


I left my cowl plain and created a pin to secure it. I used the flower pattern from On the Line (in Rebekah’s second book, Seasons of Wool Appliqué Folk Art) to create a wool appliqué pin. I backed it with felt and stitched a pin back to it. You can use any pin you like, or sew on snaps, do buttons with buttonholes, etc. Use your creativity and skills!

To put it on like I'm wearing it, put it around your neck with the two ends in front of you. Line up the short side of the end you want on top with the long side of the end you want underneath. Pin the top corner through both layers to secure.

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