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From Our Hands & Hearts

It's that time of year again...

for me, that means show time! From Our Hands & Hearts, a folk art and fine antiques show, will be held at the Boston Township Hall in Peninsula, Ohio on November 9th, 2019.

I wanted to show you a glimpse into the atmosphere of the show by sharing some pictures from the past years. Every corner of each room is packed with delights. We decorate the already beautiful building for Christmas, so greenery and lights create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere. Folk art fills the space in many forms, including furniture, redware, figures, textiles, ink, and more. We want to share handmade items meant to last and be passed on. Alongside the newly made items, find collected pieces of the past, carefully selected and beautifully displayed. The antique dealers never fail to bring pieces to treasure and inspire.

You'll always find one-of-a-kind pieces at this event. Rebekah (my mother) brings finished work to this event, which is rare for her, as she spends most of her time now creating projects for you all to work on, too. But it is a nice break to create something unique that does not require writing instructions. We both always enjoy making holiday items as well, so you'll find both year-round pieces for your home along with seasonal items in many of the vendor's booths. As you wander the Hall, enjoying the delights of art and antiques, you can stop by the refreshment table to snack on some Christmas cookies and cider. You might even make a new friend or two!

I have been participating in From Our Hands and Hearts since Lori Ann and Rebekah started it up at the Boston Township Hall, a beautiful historic building. I had a little corner of Mom's booth the first year, and soon outgrew that space. It was the first show I did with my own booth. I filled it with all things pen and ink. But after I got into embroidery, this show was where I started selling embroidered necklaces and other designs. It's truly an honor to show my work in a setting with so many other talented artisans and dealers who have a truly great eye for fine antiques. This event is always a highlight in my year!

From Our Hands always feels like a big reunion to me. I have the opportunity to see folks that I only ever get to communicate with via email throughout the rest of the year. Catching up with the artisans and antique dealers is always a delight. Some of my family often visits (one year some family from New York surprised us, and that was a special treat!) It's a chance to get to know those who are interested in my work, learn more about them, and share a little inspiration and Christmas cheer.

This is just a snapshot into the life of this show, and I am sure does not do it justice. I could say more, but I have to get back to work! You will just have to come see for yourself.

Looking forward to seeing you November 9th!

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