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A Journey with Sibbel: Book Giveaway

I always meet the most interesting people in my classes. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Greening Davis in Florida when she took one of my workshops. Susan has been a cross stitch designer/teacher for 30 years. The celebration of the history of this needle art is at the center of her work, as she promotes the study and appreciation of historic samplers through her teaching.

We were talking about her work as a designer during class when I asked her if she had a book. And indeed she does! It’s called A Journey with Sibbel: An 18th Century Orphan’s Study of Needlework, sold through C&T Publishing. The projects are all inspired by an antique Belgian sampler which bears the name “Sibbel” and was written by Davis and Sally Criswell. Alongside the projects runs Sibbel’s story, told in first person. Although the story in the book is a fictional narrative of her life, it is a wonderful picture of what the life of a young orphan girl may have been like in the eighteenth century. And it adds a unique charm to the reading of this book.


The projects feature a soft, muted color palette, and have wonderful instructions and patterns. You’ll find a sewing roll, a pincushion, a candle wrap and more! Even if you don’t need one of those, the designs are broken down so well that you can create any number of things from them and add your own creativity to these motifs. Kelsey made a bookmark inspired by the kas motif.

Want a chance to win this delightful book along with the cross stitch bookmark made by Kelsey? Leave a comment below answering this question:

Have you ever been inspired by an antique for a project? Describe the original piece, how it inspired you, and what you made!

We'll choose a winner Monday May 20th, 2019! *Update* Due to some technical issues, we are keeping the giveaway open until Wednesday, May 22 at 9am.

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