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From the Bookshelf: Vintage Patchwork by Pam Buda

Welcome back to From the Bookshelf, where I feature books from other designers that I think my readers might enjoy. I so enjoy seeing what other designers are doing in any medium, and I like to think there's room for everyone's creativity in the world of how-to projects. Having traveled around the country teaching classes, I have seen firsthand that it's not just me: we who love textiles and working with them rarely engage in one form of textile art. Although I am not a quilter, I have had a long-time appreciation for quilts. The bold designs and amazing textures fascinate me. In my travels I often teach for quilt guilds and shops, which means I meet many talented quilters who also dabble in wool appliqué.

In light of this, I wanted to bring attention to a new publication from a highly talented quilter and fabric designer: Vintage Patchwork by Pam Buda , published by Martingale. My first introduction to Pam Buda was through her fabrics. She has an eye for designs that are beautifully traditional. Her colors speak to me and will delight anyone who shares my affinity for early textiles.

This is Pam’s inaugural book, and she has cleverly designed a dozen projects using only one bundle of 10’’ fabric squares. These small quilts and pin keeps can easily be finished and ready for display in no time. I love the concept that you can get 12 unique projects out of one bundle from a fabric collection. The avid quilter can work on all of these at once, which is advantageous for this time of year we begin to hand-make gifts for sharing with loved ones. The photography is excellent and the vignettes charming, not to mention the great instructions and stitching guides.

Another wonderful feature of this book is its literary inspiration. Pam’s reading list must not be much different from my own! Each project is named for a classic book, and some favorite authors of mine are represented, including Mark Twain, Jane Austen, and Louisa May Alcott. This adds a delightful touch of the past to these classic designs.

Many of my blog-readers work in wool appliqué, but what other textile arts do you work in? Leave me a comment on this blog answering that question and we will enter you into a drawing for a signed copy of Pam’s Book.

Please make sure you include your email when you fill out the comment form. Your email will not be made public, but if I cannot contact you, you will not qualify to win. I will announce the winner Monday, November 26 at 9am EST and contact her by email.

Update: Congratulation Nancy Woolley, the winner! And what a perfect name (Woolley) for an applique enthusiast! :)

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