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A Season for Writing

We are finally experiencing spring here on Northeast Ohio. The lilacs are blooming and the viburnum small so sweet. Our yard is covered in a tiny ground cover just bursting with miniature blue flowers. There is a freshness to the breeze that really says "Winter has passed".

Here are all of the essentials for writing a book. Yes, that is the Piano Guys performing music from Kung Fu Panda.

Now is the season of book writing. It is time to take a moment and reflect on the amazing response to the first book, and really begin to refine where this next publishing endeavor is going. All I need to do is look around me to see inspiration that stretches as far as the eye can see. We are blessed to live in an old house with a vibrant history, and surround ourselves with those stories of the past. There is also the cherished traditions of sharing what we know and enjoy with others who feel the same. So, I have collected, drawn, cut, stitched, & refined a whole new collection of wool applique projects to share. For me, the writing part of this journey brings an excitement as you see the joining of all of the parts of the book and it begins to take on a shape and sprout into something solid. Thank you for joining me on this trek. April & May Wool Applique Folk Art Reshaped Project I did not have time to stitch this together, but I designed this pillow based on the following projects: Tulip Harmony p.82 Wooly Window p. 54 Her Lady's Pocket p.28 I am giving this kit away to be stitched by one of you! To be entered into the drawing just leave a comment on this post. The drawing will take place Monday morning at 8am. You will receive the pieces I have cut out and the fabric for the pillow. The embellishing stitches are up to you. Make it your own! Thank you!

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