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A March to Spring

We are finally thawing out here in Northeast Ohio! Our snowdrops are blooming, there is only a few piles of snow left, and the birds are singing. I am also busier than ever with workshop preparations & book writing. So, this month's Reshaped Project is a simple alternative way to use the bunny from "Creatures of Habit". I made him into an ornament to be hung on a door, cupboard, pegboard, or what have you. He was fun to make and took very little time. I just used the pattern full size and added some heayweight, double-sided, fusible interfacing. This was the first time I used any kind of product like this and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to trim and work with. As the bunny's head and neck would have been too floppy with just wool, I felt I needed to add something between the top applique piece and the backing wool to keep him stiff. I decided that cutting cardboard or chipboard would be too hard for this project. Mach Reshaped Wool Applique Folk Art by Rebekah L. Smith "Creatures of Habit" p34 1) Cut 2 bunnies from wool. The first one you will applique for the front and the second is for the back. 2) Cut the bunny pattern out of the fusible interfacing and then trim about 1/4" off all the way around. 3) Follow the fusible interfacing instructions. 4) Stitch away! This fast2fuse is available in a 15" x 18" sheet from

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