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Rebekah’s Stitching Essentials: The Six Must-Haves for Wool Appliqué Projects

There are some tools that I simply cannot do without when stitching wool appliqué. Today I’ll share with you what supplies I love and why! Whether you are a seasoned stitcher or just starting out, these supplies are always an asset to your sewing basket. You can purchase my Stitching Essentials online at

Needles: Chenille #24

These needles have a larger eye, which makes it easier to thread. I love the sharp, compact shape. The needle gets through multiple layers of wool but still allows me to make small, neat stitches.

Thread: DMC #341, #869, & #3371

When I first began appliqué, I used a variety of thread colors. As I worked and designed, I found myself only really using these three colors. They are all neutrals that go with any of my wools. It makes thread-decisions much easier!

Pins: Dressmaker Pins

Dressmaker pins are not too long, which works well in appliqué. If the pins are any longer, I often find myself getting caught in them. The small head stays out of the way of the threads, as well. These sharp, sturdy pins hold my wool solidly in place.

Small Ruler

This ruler doesn’t take up a large amount of room, but is very handy! When I just need a little guidance for placing wool pieces on your project, it is easy to whip this out and keep things symmetrical.


I always lightly wax my cotton thread before stitching with it on wool. The wax helps extend the life of my thread by giving it a protective coating, as wool is abrasive. The rough texture may hold the fabric together, but it can do a number on your thread, too! Wax also helps keep tension in your stitches, making your work look neat and tidy.

Hand-dyed Linen Bag

I can never have too many bags to store my supplies in! I dye these bags myself so you can keep your “essentials” altogether!

I hope these “Sewing Essentials” help make your next wool appliqué project even more enjoyable! Get yours at


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