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In Search of Supplies: Scissors

It’s been awhile since I talked supplies, but with the addition of some new scissors to my online store, it seemed like a good time to highlight one of the major tools of my trade. The maker can never have enough scissors, right? And if you create with textiles, it’s nice to have special scissors for every job. I have tried out many kinds of scissors over the years, and now carry those that are my favorites.

Karen Kay Buckley

Hands down, my number one favorite scissors are Karen Kay Buckley’s Scissors in Large (purple handles). I love the serrated edge, which stays sharp, and cuts through anything like butter. Wool especially cuts well with these scissors, but they can cut beautifully through linen and multiple layers of cotton fabric. The serrated edge helps grip the wool as you cut out intricate shapes for applique. When I cut out a lot of things at once, I like to get my whole hand in the handle, and these scissors allow you to do that (for right-handers and left handers!). All in all, the comfortable handles and overall design make these a great investment for the hand stitcher.

I also carry the Medium (blue handles) scissors, which also have the serrated edge but feature a smaller handle. Some people prefer them to the large depending on how you cut things out. These scissors are what Kelsey and I always keep handy in our sewing baskets for trimming up things. They are a good size for carrying around to class and while traveling.

The Multipurpose (orange handles) are great for just about anything, of course! This is a smooth-edged pair of scissors, so they are great to throw in your sewing basket for cutting out those freezer paper patterns, trimming things that aren’t fabric (so as to protect our precious “fabric only” scissors), and even for snipping threads if needed. I always throw these in when I am doing events, because they are small but sharp, and so handy!

The Curved scissors (red handles) are the perfect “snippy” scissors, as I like to call them. Threads, trims, fraying edges—the slight curve lets you get close to your project to put on those finishing touches. They are quite small, and so they tuck neatly into most sewing caddies and baskets.

Rotary Cutter

For big projects (and often for making kits) I cannot do without my rotary cutter. Personally I like the Olfa. It stays sharp, and the blade cover works well (it slides down to unlock and doesn’t get in the way of your cutting). It is great for making wonderfully straight cuts for backgrounds on linen, cotton or wool. I do not carry this on my website, but you can find different sizes at your local craft store or online.

Decorative Scissors

I love my utilitarian scissors, but for those with an artistic eye, it is fun to have some decorative scissors around, too. They look cute in our sewing rolls and caddies, and they can be quite beautiful in design! I have two new styles in the online store, a brownish metal with beautiful details, and a small black pair with a simple yet lovely curving design.

The three sizes of rustic black scissors are a favorite as well. They have an old feel about them, and are a simple design for those who like a more primitive look. All of these scissors show up in our staged photos at one time or another so you can see how they look with my wool applique designs.

There are tons of other options out there for scissors—it just so happens that these are some of my favorites. What scissors do you like best? Share in the comments below.

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