frequently asked questions

for retailers

techniques & supplies 

What are the numbers for the colors of thread you use?

I use two strands of DMC #841, #869, and #3371 to stitch all my projects. If your clientele prefers other kinds of thread, feel free to find similar colors and recommend those. 

Do you sell your wool or kits wholesale?

I am not able to sell any wool or kits of my projects wholesale at this time. 

Do you wholesale your linen?

I do not wholesale my linen at this time. 

teaching & copyright

Can I teach one of your patterns at my shop or for my guild?

Yes, you can teach any of my published patterns as long as each student purchases the pattern (or you purchase the same number of patterns as you have students). This is also true for any book projects. Each student must either already have the book and bring it to class or they must purchase the book. 

Can I make any of your projects to sell as finished pieces? 

I do not allow anyone at this time to use my designs to make finished pieces for sale. If you create a piece from one of my patterns (even if you modify it) and sell it, you will be violating my copyright. 

Can I post my version of one of your patterns online? 

Yes! Absolutely. I love to see what everyone does with my patterns. Please make sure to attribute it to Rebekah L. Smith, and if you are on social media, use #rebekahlsmith. 

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