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Download Film Dono Kasino Indro Mana Tahan Warkopk (Latest)




2010. RM9.90. Vietnam's Nawi Ismail takes us back to the colonial days of former Indochina where the country was invaded by Japan, France, and the United States. The wartime occupation is perhaps a convenient way of avoiding the uncomfortable truth that Vietnam was independent of the United States as far back as 1945. One of the most popular singers, Danny Chan (Dono) is in deep trouble after being sentenced to jail for one year for posting an obscene video on the Internet. Sentencing his bandmate, Kasino Warkop (Indro), to two years of hard labour, Danny implicates the bandmate in his act of sending the video on. Dono (Danny Chan), already a bad apple, is even willing to implicate Nanu Warkop (Nanu), an ethnic Vietnamese from Laos, as having been the one behind the video. As Nanu is an ethnic Vietnamese, he is also in the minority and is already living a difficult life in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Dono’s girl, Marina, is driven by frustration with her life. She seeks to help her boyfriend and save the band from being broken up. Oh Last Night!: Directed by Nawi Ismail. With Piaw Wirawan, Doni Putera, Dono Warkop, Indro Warkop. 2008. RM9.90. This is a romantic comedy that examines how two people who love each other find themselves, despite everything, falling in love. Nawi Ismail's third film, following Double Crossed (2007) and Good Guys (2010), delves into the realms of traditional Malay society, mixed with Japanese culture. The theme of love is a delicate one in the Malay community. However, not just any kind of love is acceptable, and the lines are clearly drawn between traditional and Westernised forms of love. Nawi’s third film is both visually and narratively rich, and the musical score by Peter Low adds to the story. This “desert island musical” should be appreciated by fans of Nawi Ismail’s work. Vietnam Culture: Travel & Life in Vietnam. Travel and Life in Vietnam Directed by Nawi Ismail, with Dono Warkop, Kasino Warkop, Indro Warkop, Doni Putera, Dono Warkop, Nanu Warkop. 2010. RM11.90. This is



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Download Film Dono Kasino Indro Mana Tahan Warkopk (Latest)

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