Cotton Basecloth


This cotton basecloth is a fun background for wool appliqué projects. It has a lovely textured surface that will add dimension to your projects. Price per 1/2 yard, measuring approximately 36’’ x 22’’. Sold in 1/2 yard cuts only. Comes in three colors: black, gray, and brick red.* The gray would make an excellent subsitute for the gray linen for "Winter's Ramble" featured in my second book, Seasons of Wool Appliqué Folk Art.


NEW SHIPPING SYSTEM FOR NEW COTTONS ONLY (includes new Basecloth as well): Shipping will be added on at the end. We are charging a flat shipping fee of $5.50 whether you buy 1 (1/2 yard) or 7 (1/2 yards) rather than including shipping in the price per piece. The more you buy, the better the deal on shipping. If you buy both muslin and basecloth, you will still only have 1 shipping fee. 


*Please note that due to the nature of computer graphics, the colors may vary from what you see on your screen. All sales are final.  


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